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Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Protection of Personal Data
​Türkiye İş Bankası shows special consideration in ensuring the safety and privacy of the information belonging to our customers. This matter is a legal obligation of our Bank in accordance with the relevant legislation as well as it is a priority of our Bank's sensitivity of the issue. In the scope of our approach in showing the utmost care to protect our customers’ information and to act in accordance with the relevant legislation; our bank prepared detailed regulations on this issue and accepted the principle to protect our customer information throughout all of our practices. In addition to that, we prepared procedures to ensure that all of our employees demonstrate the highest level of sensitivity in this matter.
The personal data saved by automated or non-automated means and/ or shared electronically by our website visitors will be used primarily to fulfill their demands, and later on to provide them better online and banking services. Also, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of our bank, we show due diligence in protection and safety of your personal data.
Information including personal data belonging to our customers is not shared in any way or form with third parties without customers’ consent, except for the cases where legal entities or regulatory authorities demand access to these information according to relevant legislation.
Our Bank ensures that our supporting services’ providers do always abide by our Bank’s privacy standards and requirements.
Accordingly, it is our basic approach to protect all information belonging to the Bank and to our customers from unauthorized access, false use and alteration, corrosion and destruction; ensure the privacy, integrity and availability of the information. 
This policy covers the information shared on this website and via other channels of our Bank; meaning privacy policies, ethical principles and terms of use of the websites we have given links to and of other websites will be in force. Therefore, our Bank is not responsible for the financial/emotional damages suffered in these websites.
When you share your personal information (address, phone, fax, e-mail etc.) with our Bank, this will only be used for fulfilling the services that you demanded, communicating (regarding operation and maintenance services) and renewing you contracts. Your data will not be shared with third parties unless you have given your consent for data sharing. However our bank may be obliged to share information with some third parties even without obtaining your consent when it is mandatory by law.  We may communicate with you for marketing and promotion of banking, insurance and financing product and services if  you are in our approved data base. You have a right of withdrawing your approval when you do not want to receive e-communications of our Bank. You will be released from our list of related channel by, for example, clicking the link “Please click here if you do not wish to receive any e-mail from our Bank regarding promotion of new product or services.” you may find at the bottom of an e-mail.

Our Bank reserves it’s right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to comply with the most updated version of the data protection law, without a prior notice to its customers or visitors. It is submitted that, such a revision on our privacy policy will be announced on our website as soon as possible. This policy has been last changed on 14.02.2017.

​Institution Information

Address of the General Directorate: İş Kuleleri 34330 Levent Beşiktaş-Istanbul

Phone: 90(212) 316 00 00
Fax: 90(212) 316 09 00

Service Provider

Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

Authorized Audit Body

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA)

Postal Address: Büyükdere Caddesi No:106 Şerbetçi İş Merkezi Esentepe Şişli/İstanbul

Phone: (212) 214 50 00
Fax: (212) 216 09 92
Web: www.bddk.org.tr 

Date of update: 14.02.2017

What are cookies?

Nowadays nearly all websites use cookies. Like most websites, İş Bankası also uses cookies to provide you a better, faster and safer experience.
Cookies are a kind of file of recognition left on computer by any website. It ensures recognition of computer when the website is visited again.
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Cookie use of İş Bankası

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İş Bankası uses the information obtained by cookies in accordance with the Bank’s Privacy Policy.
If you do not wish cookies to be placed in your device, you may refuse the use of cookies at your browser settings or preferences. In this case you may not be able to use some areas of www.isbank.com.tr.
İş Bankası may alter this Cookie Policy if it considers it to be necessary. In cases where the Cookie Policy is altered, it will be effective as the date of update which may be found on top of this page. We recommend you to examine the Cookie Policy at certain times and obtain information about cookie usage.

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Functionality cookies

Anonymous cookies which allows İş Bankası to remember visitor characteristic and preferences. With this information www.isbank.com.tr may show visitors content related to this information. In case these cookies are not allowed;

• Some parts of www.isbank.com.tr may not be used,

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Target cookies or advertisement cookies

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• Showing relevant and personalized advertisement

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• Remembering your preferences of visit


İş Bankası = Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.,

API = Application Programming Interface,

API Portal = The API Portal of İş Bankası,

User = The user who wants to benefit from the API Portal of İş Bankası 

Terms of Use = İş Bankası API Portal Terms of Use and the Information Text Regarding Processing of Personal Data,

Content = All kinds of data, visual/auditory contents, writings, designs, videos, graphics, photographs, software, codes, brands, trade names and without being limited to these, all kinds of applications, all versions of such applications and all kinds of related works, included in the content of API Portal and the web site,

API Portal is a service which provides the opportunity to have access to and to use APIs of İş Bankası, which offers the means of information and documentation, which may be accessed free of charge and/or for a fee, on limited and/or limitless basis, terms and conditions of which are determined by İş Bankası. These Terms of Use set out the provisions and conditions required to be complied with by the User in order to benefit from API Portal.

1) API Portal Usage

1.1. A User who wants to benefit from API Portal shall communicate with İş Bankası via Contact Us menu by reading and approving the text of the Terms of Use, and shall be thereby deemed to have accepted İş Bankası API Portal Terms of Use.

1.2. All kinds of changes to be made in the API Portal, shall become effective at the time when they are published, unless there is any indication to the contrary by İş Bankası and upon entry by the User to API Portal, shall be deemed to have been accepted by the User.

2) Rights and Obligations of the User

2.1. User agrees, declares and undertakes that, upon entry by it to the API Portal, it shall be obliged to comply with all rules and restrictions regarding use of API Portal.

2.2. User agrees that it shall have the rights and powers specified in these Terms of Use, provided that the powers of İş Bankası which are not specified herein, are reserved.

2.3. User agrees that, at the time of communicating via “contact us” menu, it shall provide correct, complete and up-to-date information. 

2.4. User shall be allowed to use the Content included in the API Portal, only for the purposes and within the limits set forth in these Terms of Use. İş Bankası hereby grants User a right of use and screening of API Portal, which is limited, non-transferable and revocable as set forth in these Terms of Use. User shall not have the right to distribute, disseminate, transfer, transfer the right to use the Content included in the API Portal or give any sublicense to third persons.

2.5. User demands to use API Portal and APIs, at its free will and in line with its interests. User agrees and declares that it understands the fact that it shall not be obliged to pay any fee due to inclusion of API in any media that belongs to User, intended to provide use of APIs or by which API is offered to the End User.

2.6. User agrees and declares that it understands the fact that APIs may be offered by İş Bankası in limited manner at the testing and production phases, and that aid limit and usage shall be determined by İş Bankası.

2.7. User agrees that it shall inform İş Bankası regarding the media through which it shall offer APIs to End User; that the APIs may be offered to End User only by the media which is/are notified to İş Bankası and approved in writing.

2.8. User agrees that they shall not impair, change the content of APIs obtained by them from the API Portal, and they shall offer API contents to the End User, in the form they are offered by İş Bankası and with the latest edition thereof.

2.9. User declares, agrees and undertakes that İş Bankası shall be entitled to make its own product developments, not being limited to the issues included in the content and may also purchase Product from third persons, from a different User; that such Products may be similar/identical to the software contained in API Portal, and that, in such case, it shall not raise any right, claim, proposal or demand against İş Bankası.

2.10. User agrees and declares that, when offering API to End User, it shall not demand from the End User any information relating to authentication mechanisms of İş Bankası and/or relating to card/product details and at the phase of forming an account, it shall not demand from the End User to define such information before or after use. In the software developed by using İş Bankası APIs, User shall not by any means take İş Bankasıauthentication references (one-time password, single password, smart phone) card numbers and information.

2.11. User accepts and represents that it duly holds all financial rights on the software subject to all transactions it shall conduct on API Portal (processing right, right to reproduce, right to disseminate, representation right, right to communicate to public by means enabling transmission of signals, voice and/or image) and the right and power to transfer financial rights for an unlimited period of time; that, as the author and/or within the scope of the powers granted by the author, it hereby grants all financial rights of the software subject to these Terms of Use, right to use and benefit from them, including the processing right, right to reproduce, right to disseminate, representation right, right to communicate to public by means enabling transmission of signals, voice and/or image (the “License”), without being subject to any time limitation.

User agrees, declares, undertakes that it has the right to use, in a legally valid manner, the products and software subject to the Agreement, which originate from API Portal contents; that it is not subject to any restriction, under any name whatsoever, with regards to exercising and/or re-exercising the rights and that it is not in violation of any intellectual and industrial property rights that belong to third persons; that, regarding claims arising from violation of third party intellectual property rights, all responsibility shall be borne by itself exclusively and it shall hold İş Bankası harmless against any claims of right and loss to be raised in this regard; that, in case İş Bankası suffers any loss, makes any payment including administrative fine, due to aforesaid violations, it shall compensate losses of, and the payments made by, İş Bankası, together with all kinds of subsidiaries thereof, upon first written demand of İş Bankası.

User agrees that, since it shall personally be responsible according to criminal and civil law, upon its violation of its obligations set forth in the Terms of Use, İş Bankası reserves the right to apply to all kinds of legal ways/to claim compensation. User agrees to compensate all kinds of direct and indirect, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages of the End User and/or İş Bankasıarising from its failure to comply with these Terms of Use. In case the obligations specified in these Terms of Use are breached by the User; İş Bankası shall be entitled to close the User’s Profile and Account at any time at its discretion without need for any warning or notice.

3) Rights and Powers of İş Bankası

3.1. All rights on the Content included in API Portal, arising from national and international intellectual and industrial property law, shall directly belong to İş Bankası and/or are used by İş Bankası based on license.

3.2. İş Bankası shall be authorised to change the Terms of Use unilaterally at any time, to make available the API and API Portal for a free and/or free of charge. İş Bankası, at any time at its discretion, may change or close related services and/or APIs, without being obliged to make any notice. İş Bankasıshall be entitled to offer the APIs and the Content free of charge, for a fee, based on a limit/as limitless, with accurate or fictitious data, through any media, at any time without being obliged to obtain any permission.

3.3. İş Bankası shall be authorised to monitor, observe all kinds of content offered at API Portal and to supervise compliance thereof with the ethical principles set by İş Bankası.

3.4. İş Bankası shall record the material information such as when related system is utilised during use of API Portal services, size and frequency of data transfers, etc., automatically on API Portal servers and shall be authorised to keep such information. İş Bankası shall have the right to record automatically on API Portal, the IP address of the User, details of the date and time of connection to API Portal and the address and/or web pages to which any demand is sent through API Portal. İş Bankası shall have the right to share said data recorded automatically on API Portal, with related third persons, within the scope of legal requirements, security and performance evaluations.

3.5. İş Bankası reserves the right to change and/or abolish the use of the API Portal structure, operation, content, use at the time of recording to API Portal and any kinds of services and products which may be accessed via API Portal, without making any prior notice and without assuming any obligation.

3.6. İş Bankası shall have the right to complete change Terms of Use of API Portal and APIs and the operation and principles thereof, to stop publication thereof. Furthermore, in cases required by related laws and regulations, may require the Terms of Use of API and API Portal to different and additional processes, including but not limited to termination of the cooperation between the parties, to be subject to internal approval mechanisms and the User shall not be entitled to raise any claim arising from said changes.

İş Bankası shall have the right to determine utilisation limits and prices of the APIs in API Portal. İş Bankası shall be entitled to demand additional information, documents and conditions from the User for use of API Portal and all kinds of works, products and process prototype, API to be formed by using İş Bankası APIs, for use of API and if İş Bankası decides to commence production phase, by agreeing with the User, jointly with the User; then a separate agreement shall be made. Demanding additional information, document and conditions from the User or any provision contained in these Terms of Use, may not be construed as agreement of İş Bankası to commence production phase jointly with the User. İş Bankası, when it decides to start production phase jointly with the User, it shall set the agreement to be made by it with the User, existence and terms and conditions of the agreement regarding production phase.

3.7. In case İş Bankasıdemands to purchase the rights of all kinds of works, products and process prototypes formed by the User by using İş BankasıAPIs/to start production phase to be deemed appropriate by it such as partnership etc.; first proposal shall be made to İş Bankasıby the User. User may also give proposals to other banks or institutions. (User shall not be obliged to declare the names of other banks and institutions to which it gives an offer, to İş Bankası). In case the proposal given by other banks or institutions, is higher than the proposal of İş Bankası;  İş Bankası increases its proposal to the same level with other banks and institutions, İş Bankası shall have the right to purchase the rights relating to the Product.

3.8. İş Bankası provides API Portal and API services on “as is” basis and does not give any warranty with regards to following elements;
a) services offered through API,

b) all kinds of content, data, products, software, information and other services, generally offered via internet,
c) other elements that occur upon processing of those specified in paragraph (b) above,
d) İş Bankasıdoes not give any warranty that services or the content or information included in services, are free of any failure, error, mistake, virus, or free of any kinds of elements that may change, damage, delete your device, data, computer programs.

3.9. İş Bankası shall not have any responsibility with regards to any disruption, failure, negligence, deletion, outage in API Portal and any kinds of services and products, services, that may be accessed together with it, or any delay in a transaction or communication, computer virus, communication failure, cyber theft, destruction or unauthorised access to, amendment or use of, records. İş Bankası shall not have any responsibility for any direct or indirect losses arising from use, or inability to use, API Portal and/or API and/or the services and contents arising from them, by Users (including but not limited to business / interest / reputation / data / program losses).

3.10. İş Bankası shall have the right to delete and change the User account and profile in case of any failure to comply with these Terms of Use. Furthermore, İş Bankası shall also have the right to take the measures set forth in these Terms of Use, upon any violation of the Terms of Use by the User. Additionally, due to any breach of the Terms of Use by the User, if any dispute with the User or with third persons is brought before judicial authorities, İş Bankasıreserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation from the User and to have recourse to the User.

3.11. If it is determined by İş Bankası that the API Portal is used by the User in breach of the conditions set out in these Terms of Use and related laws and regulations; İş Bankasıshall have the right to declare that situation to competent authorities and to take all kinds of legal measures in that regard.

3.12. İş Bankası shall have the right to produce/conceive all kinds of Products and Services relating to its activities, including the Contents included in the API Portal, and/or to purchase others from the User or third persons, to establish partnership with the User or third persons.

4) Processing of Personal Data Information Text

4.1. Data Processor and Its Representative

According to Law no.6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“Law no.6698”), your personal data may be processed by İş Bankası as the data processor, within the scope explained below.

4.2. For Which Purposes Personal Data Shall Be Processed

Your personal data which you have shared via “Contact Us” menu. (name, surname, communication details) within the scope of personal data processing terms and conditions set forth in the Law no.6698, for the purposes of determining, by İş Bankası business units, of number uses of API Portal, maintaining membership, measuring sustainability and capacity of API Portal.
Your communication details enable it to reach you when required. Approval of your membership and approval of changes in the information relating to membership, shall be effected by means of messages sent by e-mail. İş Bankası shall send you messages by e-mail and/or shall reach you by phone calls when required, provided that the limits set by it under the Terms of Use are not exceeded.
It records your IP address used when connecting API Portal system, with the details of connection date, time and the address demanded from the system and/or related pages. Said information is key information both for system security and for resolution of possible user problems and shall not be used for any other purpose.

4.3. To Whom and For Which Purposes May Processed Personal Data Be Transferred

Your processed personal data may only be transmitted to our related and authorised business units and legally competent public institutions and private persons, being limited to the purposes explained above, within the scope of personal data terms and conditions and purposes specified in articles 8 and 9 of the Law no.6698.

4.4. Method and Legal Reason of Gathering Personal Data

Your personal data shall be obtained by our Bank by the İş Bankası API Portal “Contact Us” menu which you shall fill in to communicate with İş Bankası about the APIs you are interested in, for the purpose of determining the number of uses of API Portal, communicating you with the purposes specified in the Terms of Use and ensuring security of the systems by the data processor. Your personal data referred to above may be processed and transmitted for processing of data for the purposes specified in paragraphs (b) and (c) of the Information Text within the scope of legitimate interests of İş Bankası, conclusion and execution, without impairing your basic rights and independences, within the scope of personal data processing terms and conditions specified in article 5 of the Law no.6698.

4.5. Rights of the Owner of Personal Data, Set Forth in Article 11 of the Law no.6698

If you, as the owner of personal data, send your demands relating to your rights, to our Bank by the methods regulated by “Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Corporate Policy on Protection and Processing of Personal Data, shared with the public on the internet address www.isbank.com.tr, our Bank shall, depending on the nature of demand, conclude the demand free of any charge, as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty days. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, our Bank shall charge the fee specified in the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board. In this context, owners of personal data shall have the rights;

• to be informed whether their personal data are processed or not,
• if their personal data are processed, to demand information in relation thereto,
• to be informed about the purposes of processing of personal data and whether they are used for intended purpose or not,
• to be informed about the third persons to whom personal data are transmitted in Turkey or abroad,
• if personal data are processed incompletely or incorrectly, to demand correction thereof and to demand notification of third persons to whom personal data are transmitted, the transaction made in this context,
• if, although they are processed according to the provisions of the Law no.6698 and other related laws, the reasons requiring to process them expire; to demand deletion or destruction of personal data and to demand notification of third persons to whom personal data are transmitted, the transaction made in this context,
• to raise objection against any consequence that may occur to the disadvantage of that person due to analysis of processed data exclusively by automatic systems,
• in case you suffer any loss due to illegal processing of personal data, to demand compensation of the loss.

5) Information Security and Confidentiality

User agrees and undertakes that it shall keep confidential all information and documents, trade secrets, which come to its knowledge relating to İş Bankası, during use of API Portal and thereafter, it shall keep them against third persons and shall not disclose, give them to third persons by any means, unless there is a legal requirement, and shall not use them for any purpose other than fulfilment of the obligations arising from the cooperation between them.

As a principle, personal information shared by the User, may not be disclosed. Legal obligations of İş Bankası, shall be considered out of this obligation.

6) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

By using the API Portal, the User shall be deemed to have accepted that, in case any dispute occurs in relation to the API Portal, such dispute shall be subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey and shall be resolved according to said laws; that İstanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction.

I have read, understood the İş Bankası API Portal Terms of Use and the Processing of Personal Data Information Form and I accept the İş Bankası API Portal Terms of Use.