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This API is used to disburse loan to customer.

​How it Works


This part needs to be in body of the request.
  "application_id" : "367297", 
  "customer_ip" : "", 
  "order_number" : "23353" 

Sample Request

POST {API_HOST}/api/v1/disbursements 

X-IBM-client-id: {YOUR_CLEINT_ID} 
X-IBM-client-secret: {YOUR_CLEINT_SECRET} 
 Authorization: Bearer {access_token} 
 Content-Type: application/json ​

Sample Response
  "data": {
    "disbursed": true
  "info": [
      "code": "MSG",
      "message": "Informational message"

If disbursed field value is true, then disbursement will be succesful.