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The Loan campaign information (Loan interest rate, min/max installment count, Amount Limit, First payment limit in days) specific to your application is shared with this API.​

How it ​Works

Sample Request

​GET {API_HOST}/api/v1/campaigns/

X-IBM-client-id: {YOUR_CLIENT_ID} 
X-IBM-client-secret: {YOUR_CLEINT_SECRET} 
Content-Type: application/json


Sample Response
    "data": {
        "base_rate": 2,
        "minimum_rate": 1.45,
        "maximum_rate": 1.45,
        "minimum_limit": 750,
        "maximum_limit": 15000,
        "maximum_term": 48,
        "minimum_term": 4,
        "first_payment_limit_in_days": 45