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Branch Locator


​Branch Locator API retrieves closest branches for given latitude and longitude.​​​


latitude : String

longitude : String​

Sample Request

GET /api/v1/branches?latitude=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE&longitude=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE


X-IBM-client-id: {YOUR_CLEINT_ID} 

X-IBM-client-secret: {YOUR_CLEINT_SECRET} 

Accept: application/json​

Sample Response


  "data": [


            "branch_address": "Yeni Mahalle İsmet İnönü Caddesi No:54/B",

            "branch_city": "BİLECİK",

            "branch_code": "4120",

            "branch_distance": 11067,

            "branch_district": "BOZÜYÜK",

            "branch_fax": "02283140583",

            "branch_latitude": 39.905675,

            "branch_longitude": 30.041081,

            "branch_name": "Bozüyük/Bilecik",

            "branch_postal_code": 11300,

            "branch_telephone": "02283140580",

            "branch_working_hours": "Hafta içi her gün 09:00-12:30 13:30-17:30"



            "branch_address": "Orta Mah. Sinema Sok. No:1  11600",

            "branch_city": "BİLECİK",

            "branch_code": "4150",

            "branch_distance": 15776,

            "branch_district": "SÖĞÜT",

            "branch_fax": "02283613798",

            "branch_latitude": 40.012658,

            "branch_longitude": 30.184322,

            "branch_name": "Söğüt/Bilecik",

            "branch_postal_code": 11600,

            "branch_telephone": "02283613595",

            "branch_working_hours": "Hafta içi her gün 09:00-12:30 13:30-17:30"