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ATM Locator


Atm Locator

Atm Locator API retrieves closest atms for given latitude and longitude or province code and district code.

“atm_distance” value does not return when requested with province_code or district code.


latitude : String

longitude : String

province_code : String

district_code : String

Sample Request

GET /api/v1/atms?latitude=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE&longitude=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE
GET /api/v1/atms?province_code=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE&district_code=REPLACE_THIS_VALUE
X-IBM-client-id: {YOUR_CLEINT_ID} 
X-IBM-client-secret: {YOUR_CLEINT_SECRET} 
Accept: application/json

Sample Response

  "data": [
            "atm_address": "BELEDİYE PARKI PAZARYERİ",
            "atm_city": "BİLECİK",
            "atm_distance": 8332,
            "atm_district": "PAZARYERİ",
            "atm_latitude": 39.995516,
            "atm_longitude": 29.902452,
            "atm_name": "OSMANİYE MAH.İNCİRLİ CAD",
            "atm_no": "00813"
            "atm_address": "MAL HATUN CAD. ÇEVREYOLU 3.KM",
            "atm_city": "BİLECİK",
            "atm_distance": 9270,
            "atm_district": "BOZÜYÜK",
            "atm_latitude": 39.917362,
            "atm_longitude": 30.013617,
            "atm_name": "SARAR OUTLET AVM/BOZÜYÜK",
            "atm_no": "08224"